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Before the term content marketing became popular, I was publishing a variety of material on software, technology, motorcycles and travel.  These included regular newsletters to subscribers and very active on a wide variety of forums.  Training and many presentations on project functions and PMP  (certification) were also often created and presented for project personnel.


It is  broad term to cover a lot of different performance areas and functions, however,  I provided a significant amount of help and support for various organizations over the years.  Specifically, I helped Department of Energy, Department of Justice,  CDC/NIOSH, and a variety of commercial/government and many  universities,  independent motorcycle dealerships and consumers.


I have several years (well over 10+) of graduate education including:

  • Doctorate of Technology Education
  • Masters of Software Engineering
  • Masters of Integrated Marketing & Communications
  • Plus a PMP from PMI so I am:

W. Grant Norman, Ed.D, MSSE, MSIMC, PMP

 But I prefer to go by  just Grant


I have a broad background of conference presentations with a number of presentations for Software Engineering Process Group, National Defense Association, and others too numerous to list. Topics have covered initiating software process adoptions, managing a biometrics testing lab, managing software development teams, technical team training for project management, and many other topics and presentations as needed.


A published version of my doctoral dissertation

Personal History

With so many years experience, I have delved into many writing and life experiences. I have researched and written on numerous topics:

  • Wide variety of blogs and newsletters
  • Dozens and dozens of academic papers on technology, software, marketing and communications
  • Numerous project plans, project initiation, proposals, marketing plans and brand audits
  • Papers and research for CDC/NIOSH
  • Resumé

Writing Samples




Project Management


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Please send any comments, questions, or criticisms to me.  Would be happy to correspond.  Use contact form or for fastest response email me at: 

or text 304-692-9000

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