Dealer Content Marketing

Dealer Content Marketing

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Dealer Content Marketing: What did you blog today?


Blogging provides content for clients and prospects which can be quickly read and referred to a social site in seconds.

Something 22-54 year-old’s consume on their phones several times a day

Shouldn’t your business be seen there? A blog can quickly be referred to a social media site…within seconds your customers can read your blog content.

What using content marketing means to your business?

How it differs from advertising?

Regular advertising shows products, features, prices, and pretty pictures.
Content is the new form of marketing appeal for millennials…it reaches them where they are. Most powersports businesses were built on sales to baby boomers – those born from 1946-1964, who are now anywhere from 55-73 years old.
Sadly, the old ways no longer work…but most dealerships are sticking to it! It just feels so comfortable.

Time to no longer be just comfortable, but time to adapt!

It is no longer a question of “Who are we reaching?’ but rather who are we not reaching. Where features, delivery, price were the mainstays of baby boomers marketing, content is the new focus of millennials.

There needs to be relevant discussions about the powersports product they are following. For example, for a sport bike enthusiast it is no longer set on how fast or handling, but rather how it has been experienced. 

I want to know it is something I’ll enjoy…is it the lifestyle for me? 

A blog can tell about personal experience.

Top Menu Bars - No Blogs

Most Powersports websites don’t even acknowledge the existence of blogs.

Unlike many businesses on the web, there is a huge void of Blog as a menu option on the main menu of Powersports Websites…across brands and locations.  Where there are several mentions of blogs on many other commercial sites, it is just something missing from powersports…and it is something mellinnials don’t see.

It is easy to understand, because who in the company is going to take care of it? Most employees are a mixture of powersports enthusiasts, next generation or spousal family members, parts or service experts, general manager or finance…unlike many companies, there is no person designated to manage regular blogging and social media outreach. It would be a luxury to be able to afford such an individual….but, in today’s digital based world, not having a person is also very costly.

Who’s got Time to Be the Digital Salesperson?

A solution to this is to have an outside resource to perform these tasks for your website. First off, in today’s digital world, a remote individual can serve the needs of the dealer. Websites, social media, even newsletters all can be managed remotely, a change in thinking for many dealerships, where having the body onsite has been the norm for many dozens of years.
Secondly, the blogger must have an intimate understanding of powersports, but also, know IT and Internet, understand social media, and lastly, have education and skills in Integrated Marketing and Communications. offers all these, and more.

Over 30 years motorcycle riding and travel experience, and at the same time, even more years experience in IT functions such as software production, software engineering, project management and technical employee management, principal W. Grant Norman can manage the blogging needs of your Powersports dealership.

Whether just stock powersports blogs, or custom blogs based on your dealership, local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) support, Grant can provide the support you need.

Want blog to be personalized? Submit a short summary of specific area topics to cover…specialized riding roads, coverage on riding events, product specific reviews, or coverage of local charity support from dealership…the topics of the blogs are innumerable. Then, upon approval of blog by client, it is sent to multiple social media sites for more exposure to prospects and customers following you. Before long, your dealership is now reaching those millennials (and others) who are so totally smartphone dependent. Go here for further information.

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