“Home” Button – Squandering Your Landing Page Real Estate

Look at Walmart, Amazon, and Microsoft . What do they all have in common?  No wasted landing page real estate with a “Home” button.  Now look at your site? Is there a home button?  Yeah, you just wasted valuable web screen real estate with a useless button.

If three of the largest companies in the world operate online without them, why do you (yeah…your company) think you need a “Home” button.  Because whoever is handling your web servicing is stuck in the 1990’s.  Yes, I said 1990’s.  For dozens of years the rest of the online world has used the company’s logo as a website “Home” button…in fact, check your website…doesn’t it already work that way?  So why waste valuable top menu bar space (or other page menu space) with a stupid button that says “Home “? 

It’s just some more of the old baby boomer “make me feel comfortable” crap. Yeah, and that isn’t even your largest market.  You want younger, Millennials, Gen Y and Gen X…they’re the ones with today’s buying power.


Even the youngest Baby Boomers are 5 years past AARP card carrying age!

There is a blog here that talks about it (it’s a few years old, so they show CNN with “Home” button, which is no longer there, as an example). Although I strongly disagree with the use of a “Home” button when your logo functions the same way, it is still s good discussion of the various age groups…and how Baby Boomers feel comfortable with it.  As Millennials make their way, another recent news story  from CNBC on decline of American Motorcycles can be found here.

So here is a question for you. How much has your company made off a “Home” button.  Come on, you should know this off hand…it’s easy…$0. Yeah nothing, nada, for a button that does the same thing as clicking your logo (go ahead and check your site) then go to an inventory item or whatever then click your logo…. most sites it will do the same as “Home.”

I know, you’re thinking no big deal…it is just a stupid button. But wait, if you have an interesting blog post about a local racer, a girl scout cookie sale in your parking lot, or a motorcycle adventure in Paraguay, and someone clicks on it, reads it, and decides to come to your store…did a “Home” button ever do that?  Then let’s say he/she just happens to buy something…whatever, $1, $10, $100, or a bike, it is 100% more revenue than your “Home” button ever produced.

If you don’t want the blog, then put another sub-menu button up there…if you have real estate that can lead someone to buy, use it.  Don’t waste space with “Home.”

Maybe put something useful on it for your prime customers –ages 20-54—are looking for… like a Blog button instead.  Yeah, there I go saying the B Word again.

Blog: The gateway to content marketing information and social media postings 

Sure, you’ve heard of those places. Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Pinterest…and on and on and on. Fact is, that is where your customers hang out for hours a day…and maybe you’re not there.  I do see some social media buttons on many sites, but still, remember an easy social media post can be:

Blog>content>post to social media   Pretty simple…you’re not having to think of things to put on social media, just automatically send your blog link there and it is displayed and when they click it, there at your website.  Now you don’t just have your website reaching people, you also have Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. all leading people to your site…cool, huh?